A Primer on Pony Play

There are all sorts of animal roleplay. Puppy play and cat play are extremely common (both of those animals have a curiosity to them that translates well to games of pretend), but pony play seems to be the most popular act.The practice is exceptionally popular in BDSM culture and there are groups of people who are interested in no other aspects of the life other than animal roleplay. It’s used as a form of humiliation or subjugation in some cases. In others, it can be a way to show off the partner to a group of people or as part of an imagined show.

Pony play, contrary to popular belief and what some cheap fetish dating sites might lead you to believe, doesn’t have to have a connection with bestiality. It’s simply a way to add another element of make-believe and pretend to your play. If you choose, it doesn’t even have to be sexual.

Types of Ponies

“So, what’s your favorite pony?”

There are typically three types of human ponies, and if you decide to dive into the scene, you’ll encounter many different types of people. There are some fetishists who are only interested in playing as one of the pony types and others who are interested in alternating between them. There are cart ponies, riding ponies and show ponies and there are exciting sides to all three.

If you have a particular fetish and you are confident about including it in your life then you have to come out and accept it. Learn how to express your fetishes. Are You Covering Up? Kink Coming Out Day and Fetish Tips with working strategies are there to help you out. Unfortunately there’s no physical fetish manual out there, so you’ll have to be open to having things explained and taught to you in detail when you become involved with the culture. For now, let this serve as a fetish manual so you have a basic idea of what you might be getting into.

The idea of cart ponies is as exactly as it sounds. The human pony pulls their partner in a sulky, which is a small cart with two wheels that’s easy to pull. These human ponies may be as dressed or undressed as they wish (it’s a personal comfort level that depends on what scene they’re setting), but will typically have reins or maybe a bit to help enhance the feelings associated with the scene. Riding ponies, on the other hand, are human ponies that prefer not to pull a cart with their partner in it.Instead, they have their partner ride on their back. The third type of human ponies is show ponies. They wear elaborate costuming (called tack in the human pony culture just as it is with show horses) and show off a strict sense of discipline instilled by their partner.

Some people prefer to only act as one, some prefer all three.It should be easy to find what you’re looking for on any fetish dating sites.

Tack Basics

“Make your pony look good”

Harnesses are the most popular piece of tack in a lot of BDSM play, and it’s true for pony play as well. Although play can be done with all three pony types with only imagination and the right scenarios accompanied by no tack at all, the tack is considered a crucial part of the play for many human ponies and their partners. Harnesses, along with bits, bridles, collars, reins and saddles are easily purchased through specialty alternative interest stores online.They can also sometimes be found in sex shops.

Some ponies also like to have hand guards and boots to enhance their appearance as ponies. Although they don’t enhance the appearance or help set the scene, knee pads are recommended by most pony play enthusiasts because it makes it more comfortable and easier on the knees.


“Take care of your safety”

As with any kinky sexual practice it’s very important to be safe at all times. This ranges from the tack the partners are using, to having a safe word and knowing hard limits and comfort levels to making sure that the partner does not hurt their human pony in any way. Let this serve as your fetish manual and make sure you’re always playing it safe.

One of the most important things to remember is your human pony’s limitations. If your human pony prefers to be a riding pony, it’s always important to remember that, for most people, their backs aren’t strong enough to support the weight of an adult. Unfortunately that’s a mistake we’ve all made at some point, and it’s easily avoided. If you’re riding your human pony, keep a lot of your weight supported on your own legs so you’re not stressing their back out too much. It keeps things comfortable, safe, and fun.

Another way to stay safe is to make sure the tack your ponies are wearing is kept clean at all times. It should be stored in a clean, dry location with no extreme temperatures and should never be put away wet. It should be wiped with clean cloths and antibacterial soap (or a special cleaner if the material requires it) to make sure no bodily fluids are left on it. Never put it away wet. Being kept somewhere hot and wet is the quickest way for bacteria to grow and build up on the tack your ponies are using.It will be not only disgusting but also dangerous to them if they use it. Keep your ponies safe by keeping their tack safe as well.

Additionally, if you have multiple ponies you’re playing with, certain pieces of their tack, like bits or any gear that’s near the genitals, shouldn’t be shared. Things like reins and plumes for dressage ponies are all right to share, but it isn’t a good idea to share other things.

Why You Might Enjoy It

“You will enjoy it”

It’s roleplaying to the extreme. If you enjoy roleplaying in any way, then there’s a very real possibility that you’d enjoy pony play if you tried it. Once the incorrect belief that it’s related to bestiality is dispelled, many open their minds to the practice and try it. For a Dom, having a sub that also prefers to be a human pony is good because you can dictate what they should do and train them. The beauty of it is that you don’t have to do that, though. Pony play doesn’t always have to be about the dominance and submission aspect. Sometimes it’s just extreme roleplaying, and isn’t even sexual for a specific scene.

Pony play is also enjoyable because it’s a kink that isn’t gender-specific. Men and women alike can be ponies or any type of partner for their pony and that alone interests a lot of people. The idea of dispelling gender roles and getting to be someone completely different for a period of time is very alluring to a lot of people. Additionally, if you or your partner likes showing off, having one of you act as a dressage human pony and parade around in front of the other could be very enjoyable. If the two of you are part of a group, many human ponies also enjoy being shown off to their owner’s friends.

Since it doesn’t always have to be inherently sexual, there’s no worry about feeling pressured to have sex with any of those people if you just want to be an exhibitionist. There’s no limit to what you can do when you open your mind to this kink.

Finding a Cam Site Model for a Rare Kink

“Look for sites that are completely devoted to your favorite kinks”

If you are just starting to get into cam sex sites, and you are looking for beautiful cam ladies, then visit this site http://livecamaddict.com/site-reviews/ and read the reviews of cam sex nude cam sites. By now you must have figured it out that you need to try and find the more popular sites before jumping straight in. You may have noticed that there are certain groups of kinks that are just easier to find than others. The same is true of any medium, however, there is a fairly good chance that the kinks you might be used to finding elsewhere simply aren’t catered to as much on cam sites. That is nothing to worry about overly much, especially if you can afford to pay up a little to get what you want. However, even if you are operating on a low or non-existent budget, there are some tricks of the trade that can be used to narrow down your choices and find you something that is really going to hit all of the buttons you were looking for in the first place. Mostly, it comes down to how you start your search.

Find out Sites committed to That Similar Kinks

“Try to find someone who will fulfill your sexual desires”

This might seem like an obvious suggestion, but let’s just say that if this was something everyone automatically did, we simply would not be mentioning it. The fact of the matter is most people just start their search for cam sites in general and only after they have found some of the best, try to find someone on them that will fulfill their fantasies on screen. To put it simply: don’t look for a cam site like that. You will only be angry and frustrated if you do. The most important part in all of this is the kink you want to have satisfied, not the medium you are using to watch it, so start with the kink and then work your way around to the rest.

The other reason we bring this up specifically is because people who have a greater difficulty finding someone to satisfy their fetishes are typically having problems not because no one wants to or is willing to put on that kind of performance, but because they are not expanding their search field properly. Just because you didn’t find something on the first page of your search for your kink doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist! More likely, it’s just being covered on sites marketed for similar kinks, so plot those out and look there instead.

Do Price Research to Keep from Overpaying

The fact of the matter is that the rarer or more specific the kink, the harder it is going to be to get someone who will do exactly what you want without having to pay a lot for it. That does not mean you should just let yourself get taken advantage of, though! Don’t rely on popular cam sex sites to give you a fair price on anything, but especially not in the case of rarer kinks that are harder to find to begin with. They know what they are catering to, and often how difficult it is for people to find. Because of this, you know they are going to charge a premium of some kind. That does not mean you need to pay it, however.

The thing to keep in mind more than anything else is that supply and demand is all about perspective. Just because one site does not see a lot of demand for a specific kink, even if they cater to similar ones, does not mean their price is competitive to the rest of the market. It always works to your advantage to look around and do some price checking no matter what you are in the market for, but especially for services like this. Until you know what a common price is, there is no way for you to know what a fair one is. Don’t get taken for a ride: price things out before you settle somewhere and don’t be afraid to haggle to get what you want and can reasonably afford!

Know What Props You Should Expect Her to Have

“Find out those websites that provide props of your choice”

When it comes to putting on a good performance for a rare kink, quite a bit of her success or failure is going to rest on whether or not she has everything you need for the kink to be fulfilled. The more exacting the requirements, the less likely she is going to have what you want on hand. It’s a simple fact you probably might already be accustomed to from hooking up in person, but even cam site performers and other people in the adult entertainment industry will not necessarily have everything on hand all of the time. On top of that, most people are going to have props for the kind of site they are on. In other words: people on sites devoted to aesthetics are going to be more likely to have a range of costumes, or a great shoe collection to suit those fetishes, while someone on a BDSM themed website is more likely to have rope for shibari on hand. The first part of your expectations actually has less to do with the kink itself and more to do with where you are looking to have it fulfilled. That is why we always suggest looking for sites that are themed close to what you want to see to start.

Once you have found a place that is close to what you are looking for, however, it’s important to keep in mind the likelihood of someone having something that suits your particular preferences. If you need someone in an exact costume, for example, chances are pretty good you are going to end up having to buy it for whomever you decide to make the request of. On the other hand, if you just need to have a pair of handcuffs used in a very specific way, the important part is not so much getting the handcuffs to the model in question, but looking for a site that deals in themes like police kink, uniform role play, and other fetishes that are typically going to involve handcuffs, even if they aren’t exactly what you are looking for. In this way, at least, you know you will have landed somewhere with a high likelihood of the model already having everything you need.

Consider Group or One on One Private Sessions

The last resort, although not nearly as bad as it sounds, is to pony up for a private session of some kind. Sometimes, this is something you can go in on with a group of likeminded individuals and sometimes you just have to cough up everything from the price of the session to props she might not have. If you have compared prices and availability and come to the conclusion that tipping someone is going to cost you about the same as a private session browsing with a popular cam sex site performer, absolutely go for the latter! Just keep in mind that you will need to do a little extra leg work to make sure you are watching out for yourself and your wallet in the process.

How Watching Cams Causes Neck Pain, and What to Do to Avoid It

“Sitting in front of computer can lead to neck stiffness”

It may come as no surprise that spending hours upon hours comparing ratings of live mature sex sites can lead to uncomfortable muscles, or simply stiff necks, and sore shoulders. However, many people do not relate watching porn itself to the same aftereffect. In fact, if we end up on a good website, knowing how much time we of ultimately spent there is a difficult thing indeed. While finding a site that you want to spend so much time on is definitely good thing, coming away with a sore neck and shoulders, among other things, is up with something nobody wants. Adding ergonomic desk area is not exactly new idea. Computer and spine experts have gone on and on about the benefits of sitting correctly at a computer since before the Internet with the thing. However, especially in the case of enjoying porn online, and ergonomic set up is not necessarily the best setup available for your particular tastes.

Your Shoulders, the Hunch, and You

“Ah, it pains!”

If nothing else, should’ve come across a mountain of information about the proper way to sit in a chair. This might seem a little nitpicky at first, however, anyone who has watch someone else said computer for extended period of time can tell you that pretty much everyone hunches.That is not to say that everyone has terrible posture. It is more that we become very focused on whatever it is we’re working on, or watching, and instinctively or even just sitting on the ground. So long as the thing you are working on is close to eye level, and involving your hands in some way, you can generally expect to have to fight the hunch.

Even if this is generally a common affliction that does not necessarily mean it is either okay or inevitable. The unfortunate truth of the matter is that punching yourself up, no matter how likely it is to happen, simply as of the way should be setting. It puts a lot of tension on your shoulders, and pulls a lot of muscles in your neck into holding more weight in the more awkward angle than they should be. The most annoying part of all this, however, is that just bunching up these few muscles in your shoulders and neck can affect throughout the rest of your body.

The most obvious effect, however, is that low, and quite painful, dull headache you get towards the base of your neck after some time. If you find yourself frequently taking headache medicine, or rubbing your neck, this is a clear sign that you too much tension on your shoulders is not your neck itself. Since our bodies immediately tried to correct themselves, issues in your neck and shoulders, particularly if they really start to bother your head as well, can easily spread the south down your spine, and out through your arms, to your wrists and hands as well. In fact it is incredibly common for people to miss take incredibly tense shoulders and neck muscles for the early signs of carpal tunnel syndrome simply due to the fact that it is starting to affect the wrists and fingers. So while it is important to stay on top of things like that, particularly, if you find yourself on the computer very frequently aside from digging up ratings, and watching live mature sex sites, it is also very important to pay attention to where all of the tension is located, as is not merely your wrists that you need to be wary of. Finding hot cougars online could be a tiresome process. Find mature ladies here and check out our cam site breakdown. This breakdown could offer you some interesting insights which can enhance your camming experience.

How Your Arm Position Can Effect You

“Make sure your arm is in the right posture”

While we’re on the subject of wrists and fingers, however, is a good time to bring up the relevance of your arm position to how it affects your ability to stay online for an extended period of time. This is especially true of those of us who spend their time online watching porn. Let’s face it; if we’re watching porn you’re watching porn get off. There are not going to be many people capable of doing that without touching themselves. Masturbating to live cam site is not exactly embarrassing. In fact, most the time it is just expected. That having been said, however, is important to keep in mind that having one arm extended to your keyboard or mouse and having the other involved in close quarters motions can easily, and negatively affect the tension in your shoulders.

Hopefully, you are starting to notice a trend. Ultimately, it all comes down to the fact that your shoulders, arms, and neck are all very much connected and can easily affect not only each other but the rest of your body as well. That is why it is just as common to get as it is to get backaches from sitting for too long. If one of your hobbies includes playing video games, you’re probably already familiar with this concept to some extent. As you’ve probably heard before, most of it comes down to the repetitiveness of the motions. Many people, however, forget that masturbation is definitely a repetitive motion. Don’t forget to remember to stretch out afterwards, and you should be fine.

Why Sitting up Isn’t Always the Answer

One of the most common suggestions are likely to come across when it comes to reducing neck and arm strain from sitting at a computer is to make sure you are sitting properly. As we’ve already mentioned there is a lot more to it than just sitting up straight, however, and a lot of new studies coming out to support this. But were not about to get into the pros and cons of having a super ergonomically correct area to the poor man, it should be more than obvious that sitting straight up we’re trying to get off is not exactly something you’re going to enjoy 100% of the time. Fortunately, studies of also shown that leaning back at your computer can actually be more beneficial than setting up correctly quote. This allows your spine to essentially decompress, which in turn helps loosen the muscles in your neck and shoulder area and generally make the rest of your body to feel better.

Taking Breaks Is Usually the Best Solution

Is important to note, however, that the way you set, and how you move your arms around his only going to do so much when it comes to keeping your muscles happy, and are back from freaking out. If you spend any amount of time searching for ratingsof anything at all, or staring at the best live mature models on your favorite sex sites, you need to augment all of that sitting with some getting up and doing something else. While some people, mostly people with degrees in the sort of thing, I’m going to tell you something along the lines of being up every 30 minutes or so, that’s probably going to kill the mood. While that remains the best solution, it is certainly not the only one. The important thing to remember is that you need to get up. The frequency you ultimately do that in, is less of an issue. If you can get close to 30 minutes, go for it, otherwise, just get up, stretch, and bang out some pushups when you remember.

Reasons Why the iPhone 5 is So Expensive

Are you looking for reasons why the iPhone 5 is so expensive? Then you can rest assured that this is the right article for you. Apple fans always await the latest generation of awesome gadget from their favorite manufacturer. Similarly, they are also bracing themselves for another onslaught on their bank accounts.


“iPhone 5 with a solid body”

iPhone 5 was actually more expensive than its competitors who have similar hardware. What is more, it still sold out minutes after it was launched. According to most high tech reviewers, you can still get better smart phones out there at a lower price. Which begs the question: ‘Why does Apple charge so much and still get their products selling out?’
The secret is in the extensive and careful branding. It also lies in the flawless reputation that Apple has built over the years. No wonder the iPhone 5 costs more than other phones.

High Cost of Production

Even without a contract, this phone will cost you anything between $ 650 and $ 850. This will depend on the specs. According to IHS, Apple would typically spend $ 250 to manufacture the most advanced version of the iPhone 5. This cost includes the labor required to assemble all the components and the value of the said components.
Still, this phone provides smooth and fast performance. Apple also uses durable materials to build their amazing gadgets. Therefore, it comes as no surprise that it should be so expensive.

Development Costs

Apart from that, you also have to consider the expenses involved in developing newer versions of the operating system. The apps that should be included as standard with the iPhone 5 also cost money. Since it is difficult to calculate the price for the iOS and apps per phone, Apple tends to tie the salaries of its graphic designers and programmers into each price tag.


In the same way, parts have to be transported as do the phones on completion. In as much as this happens to all other phone varieties, the transportation costs also increase the price of the iPhone 5.



“iPhone runs the best Ad campaigns”

As it is, Apple is one of the biggest buzz-makers in the market. The company outspends all of its top competitors year after year. Therefore, another reason why the iPhone 5 is more expensive than other phones is due to the buzz created even before its release.
Apple uses an amazing appeal in that each gadget has one main brand only. This gives fans a new release they can anticipate. In fact, Kantar Media estimated that Apply spent an approximate of $ 250 million to advertise the iPhone 5. Apple also factored this into the cost of each phone.

Crowd Effect

At times, Apple can actually charge more for the iPhone 5 than other mainstream smart phones on the basis that people will still buy it. Apple knows how to capitalize on the signature style of small, sleek devices. Since most customers agree that iPhone 5 is beautiful, they will pay the price required to get their hands on one. This also gives them access to the App Store that has a greater selection compared to Android and Windows. Overall, these are the reasons why the iPhone 5 is more expensive than other phones.

3 Tips to Spice Up Your Sex Life

Are you looking for 3 tips to spice up your sex life? Then you can rest assured that this is the right article for you. To have a great sex life and to accentuate your skills in bed, you can use these tips:

Talk about Sex

“Start talking about sex - and entice your partner”

“Start talking about sex – and entice your partner”

Sex can be very arousing- whether you actually get down to it or you only talk about it. Discuss each and every little detail about your sex life, what makes it more exciting for you, all the sexual fantasies you ever had and your deepest desires. This will arouse your partner and yourself to greater heights.
Where possible, discuss and engage in sexual fantasies. This will spice up your sex life. They are a natural and healthy part of any relationship. Most couples will share these fantasies through conversation without actually exploring them in the physical realm with each other and still find the satisfaction they are looking for. So long as the sexual behavior or fantasy does not actually lead to physical or emotional discomfort, problems in the other areas of your relationship or conflict, it is perfectly fine.

Introduce Novelty and Newness

“Bring originality to sex with new moves”

“Bring originality to sex with new moves”

New is always good. You can choose to be dramatic or just plain simple. Some great ideas you should consider including playing romantic board games, buying sex toys and using scented massage oils all over each other. Change the situation and place where you make love for added novelty. Alternatively, always wear different articles of clothing – especially those that turn on your partner.
Porn can also come in handy for those who are looking for 3 tips to spice up their sex lives. It is clear that most men are into adult videos while women are not- or at least men think that they are not. Start by watching sex videos of an instructional nature. The narration from the sex therapist will teach you new things such as giving better oral sex or stimulating your partner. Once you are comfortable enough, ease your way into reality, hardcore porn. Pick movies that the both of you find appealing. Alternatively, consider watching something that features your sexual fantasies.

Break from Routine

Break away from your regular sex routine. For instance, if you normally have sex after you get into bed, start having it after waking up. Similarly, if you generally prefer the missionary position, try another kinkier position such as the wheelbarrow.
On the other hand, you could consider giving up control. Designate a night every week in which your partner totally controls the bedroom. You have to submit to everything they do or say (of course, this should be within healthy and bearable limits). This could teach you a few tips or two about submission and the power of dominating that will certainly spice up your sex life.

It goes without saying that sex is a healthy and necessary part in any relationship. How the both of you handle it goes a long way to determine the success of your relations. Therefore, you should take it upon yourselves to learn the best tips to spice up your sex life. After all, nothing quite matches the pleasure enjoyed in the bedroom.

Quit Smoking With The Help Of These Books

“It’s time to quit”

“It’s time to quit”

You’ve finally decided to quit smoking. Congratulations! However, you’re worried that you may not be able to keep up with your personal promise. Don’t fret; a lot of smokers feel the same way. Just remember that the hardest thing is usually the first step, after that the rest is just like a walk in the park.

To jump start you promise to quit smoking, here are some good books to inspire you:

The Easy Way to Stop Smoking (Allen Carr)

– Allen was a chain smoker himself. He authored this book based on his plans to stop smoking. A little part of the book chronicles his struggle and victory against cigarette smoking. What made this book a best seller is that it details the serious fatal effects of nicotine in the body as well as the effective and doable measures to battle the addiction to it. Many smokers successfully quit smoking because of the inspiration given by this book.

How to Quit Smoking Without Gaining Weight (American Lung Association)

– It’s no surprise that you’re worried about quitting smoking because of the possible weight gain afterwards. Weight gain happens because your taste buds will start to function fully after you quit smoking. But you can definitely keep weight gain in check by following some tricks featured in this book. You’ll soon find out too, the many myths associated with weight gain after quitting smoking.

How to Quit Smoking Even if You Don’t Want To (Barbara Miller)

“Quit today, when you still have a chance of a healthy life”

“Quit today, when you still have a chance of a healthy life”

– What keeps us from pursuing a commitment is the many distractions around us; the same is true with quitting smoking. People seem to not run out of excuses and all the reasons to smoke are creatively justified. This book will help you stay focused and inspired. If you’re serious about quitting smoking then let this book be your constant companion.

If I Could Only Quit, Recovering from Nicotine Addiction (Karen Casey)

– What truly ignite the commitment to stop smoking are countless inspirations from stories of those who successfully won the battle of smoking. This book is your great resource for inspiration and meditation to not only push your physical self into action but condition your mind as well. As said, the first place we lose or win the battle is in our minds, so the stronger we become in our minds the easier it is to win the battle.

You Can Stop Smoking (Jennifer Percival)

– Treat your plan to quit smoking as a game plan, complete with campaign schedule. If you’ve successfully worked on very difficult projects at work, then why not treat your plan to quit smoking as that – a project! This book will guide you through the step by step process, complete with day-to-day program, including a plan to seek support from friends so you’ll win the battle of nicotine addiction successfully.

Single Moms – Cutting Your Expenses in Half

“Start cutting your expenses in half”

“Start cutting your expenses in half”

It is not easy being a single mom. A single mom usually has to do everything by herself. She has to take care of the expenses at home, the groceries including the monthly bills. On top of that she has to take care of her kids’ needs like their schooling and their nutrition. A single mother has so many expenses to think of, so it is really important that she know ways to keep her expenditures in check. If you are a single mom that is in a similar situation, here are some tips to help you cut your expenses in half.
Cell phones – telecommunication companies usually offer free cell phones to their packages. Instead of buying a separate device, you can apply for a package and get a free phone once your application has been approved. This is a great way to save. After the allotted time, you will be offered with another phone to renew the package. If you still have a working phone, you can opt for the flat rate, or the package that has no additional cost to cover the free phone.
Internet connection – Do you use your internet at home most of the time? Do you work in one place or are you on the go? You need to answer these questions so you’ll know the right DSL package for you. If don’t stay at home much, you can go for the mobile package. If you are working at home, go for the DSL home packages. Evaluating your needs can save you a lot of the money and at the same time you get to utilize your package to its limit.
Utility bills –

There are many tips that you can find on the internet on how to save money on telephone, electricity and water bills. You can save money on the electric bill when you turn off gadgets and appliances when you don’t use them. Turn off the air conditioner when the weather is not that hot and use an electric fan instead. Buying your groceries is also a great way to save. You will be given discounts when you buy in bulk.
Credit card expenses – As much as you can, use cash instead of credit card. Purchasing using a credit card can be a convenient solution, but convenience doesn’t necessarily mean savings. If you want to save, use cash instead. When you use a credit card, you might incur fees and interest rates that are high especially if you don’t pay on time. If you really want to use credit cards, settle your dues on time.

“Make a budget”

“Make a budget”

If you follow the tips above, you won’t have a hard time paying your expenses. You can spend the money that you will save for other important expenses for yourself or for your kids. Remember that being a single mom is not an excuse to spend more. You can still save and by cutting your expenses, you’ll no longer have a hard time being a single mom.

The Art Of Price Negotiation: Get Anything You Want For The Best Price

Entrepreneurs engage in negotiation most of the time. Like a game, learning the basics can help the fearless entrepreneur find the right deals for the right price.
Newbie entrepreneurs who encounter seasoned negotiators may be surprised at the aggressive tactics employed. Adopt the right attitude when negotiating and finding a mentor who can guide you on the basics of negotiation.

“Reach a conclusion where everybody wins”

“Reach a conclusion where everybody wins”

Patience is important and the ability to walk away when an agreement is no longer beneficial is essential if you want to be able to keep the right deals for you. Good business is not so much about closing the right deals but also walking away from the bad ones that can cost your business time and money.

Brush up on your negotiation tactics

Learning to haggle for the best price is not that difficult. These basic tips can get you through any negotiation for the best possible price:
1. The one with the best info wins.
Treat each negotiation as a battlefield. The party who understands the strengths and weaknesses of the other party can manipulate his strategy for a more attractive positioning.
Build a strong foundation at the start and demonstrate your expertise. This can have the effect of intimidating the other side forcing them to blunder and you can then steer the process in what direction you choose.
Background information can also help you during negotiation. Demonstrating the value you offer as better than the competition, can be a deal clincher. Seasoned negotiators can skillfully concede benefits and advantages. This adds value to the offer while ensuring that you are still within the desired price range.
2. People normally ask for more than expected
In negotiations, it is normal to see the seller quote a high price. Veteran salesmen versed in the art of negotiations always work with buffers in their pricing. When negotiation starts, and the other party starts haggling on their offered price, they can still continue with their negotiation knowing that they haven’t exactly lost the deal yet.
Do not start negotiations with a discounted price. You won’t be able to raise your price later on should you desire to do so.
3. Walk away when necessary
If a prospect isn’t willing to pay your price, it may be wise to end the negotiations at this point. Spending more time than necessary on a client who turns out to be a dud is a waste of your time. It is more practical to concentrate on other prospects who will be more than happy to pay your price.
Know the limits of the deal. If the haggling dips to a price below break point, it is wise to stop. To continue at this point will cause the company to overspend. Why do business at a loss?
Walking away can also give an impression of strength and it can also weed out clients who aren’t that interested in getting into a deal with you, save you time and money.

Negotiations- business getting personal?

Negotiating for a deal is a business transaction. Always remember that it’s nothing personal. Both parties attempt to highlight the value of what they can offer while trying to get the best possible price.

“Never get emotional – be a professional”

“Never get emotional – be a professional”

Seasoned negotiators can employ aggressive tactics and if the seller is emotionally or attached to the process, the chances of getting offended and even taken advantage of, is very likely. Remain impartial and do not let your equanimity be affected.
Nevertheless, the goal of negotiations is to find a win-win situation for both parties. Using aggressive tactics that can let the other party feel offended or abused can backfire on you.

Despite how tempting it may be to your bottom line, don’t take advantage of others. This can earn you a bad reputation. Burning bridges is not the best way to build relationships; and in business, relationships are what counts.