Call for Films

Amakula Kampala Caravan Cinema Festival
For submissions of African films to be presented during the Amakula Kampala Cinema Caravan Festival from September to November in Kampala, Jinja, and Lira in Uganda. Download Entry Form (PDF)

Golden Impala Eastern Africa Short and Feature Film Competition
For submissions of short and feature films from Eastern Africa to be entered into a competition during the Amakula Kampala Cinema Caravan Festival. Download Entry Form (PDF)

2012 Amakula Golden Impala Results

Feature Film Category
Winner is David Tosh Gitonga for Nairobi Half Life (Kenya/Germany, 2012, 96 mins).

First Runner-up is Kivu Ruhorahoza for Grey Matter (Rwanda, 2011, 100 mins).

Special Mention by the Jury is Joseph S. Ken for That Small Piece (Uganda, 2011, 90 mins).

Short Film Category
Winner is Michele Mathison for The Dowry (Mozambique, 2011, 26 mins).

First Runner-up is Andrew Kaggia for Wageuzi (Kenya, 2012, 13 mins).

Special Mention by the Jury is Selimani Wangera for Adversaries (Uganda, 2011, 12 mins).

Congratulations to all 2012 winners!

Amakula Kampala International Film Festival presents the Amakula Kampala Cinema Caravan Festival 2012

September 1—Festival Opening, Kampala (Sabrina's Pub)

September 6-8—Jinja (St. Jude Students Center, Main Street Primary School, and Space Cafe)

October 5-7—Lira (Pacific Grand Hotel and Akibua Stadium)

November 22-24—Kampala (National Theatre)

Download 2012 Festival Program (PDF 1.7 MB)
In 2011, Amakula Kampala introduced the Amakula Kampala Cinema Caravan Festival as a means of expanding the activities of the Amakula Kampala International Film Festival which has taken place annually in Kampala since 2004. In the intervening time the festival developed its mobile cinema in order to reach out to the rest of the country. Basing ourselves on an extensive network we are now bringing together both our programs by expanding the time frame of the festival to become a tour reaching individuals in and outside of the capital with a theme that concerns all.

2012 Theme: Safeguarding Independence
In the year Uganda will celebrate its fiftieth anniversary of independence Amakula Kampala will devote itself to a festival and projects devoted to considering the meaning of independence under the theme of Safeguarding Independence. It will be a year of celebration but also a year for reflection about what independence means; what happened with the ideals at the time of independence; how much of it was achieved, and what was not; what are we still striving for; are we now truly independent and are we safeguarding our independence as we should?

For Amakula Kampala, as an international film festival, independence is the essential condition which makes its activities possible. The mission of an international film festival is to offer people perspectives from around the world and to allow people to broaden their horizons and ultimately become more critical, independent thinking citizens. This year's festival will offer a range of films programs, performances and discussions in which independence, as a polical act and a concept, plays an important role.

Amakula Culture Club

Download Culture Club Program (PDF 1.2 MB)
As the Cinema Caravan is touring the country Amakula Culture Club will be moving around various cultural platforms and educational institutions around Kampala besides our usual basis at our headquarters in Mengo with film screenings of both classic and contemporary films, filmmakers presentations and discussions around our theme of safeguatrding independence. Check the program and catch us in any of these venues in the coming months!

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